Pope Francis Twitter Feed & Vatican Media Live YouTube Channel

Below is Vatican Media live showing services broadcast as they happen and a live view of St Peters Square at other times. Just tap the triangle in the centre of the screen to start.


The word of God is the antidote to our fear of having to face life. In speaking to us, the Lord reminds us that we are in his heart, that we are precious in his eyes, and that he holds us in the palm of his hand.

We are branches of the same vine, we are communicating vessels: the good and the bad each one does is poured out on the others. To the extent that we remain in God we draw closer to others, and to the extent that we draw closer to others we remain in God. #ChristianUnity

Let us not ignore God’s word! It is a love letter, written to us by the One who knows us best. In reading it, we again hear his voice, see his face and receive his Spirit. #SundayOfTheWord

May the Word of God sown in the soil of our hearts, lead us in turn to sow hope through closeness to others. Just as God has done with us. #SundayOfTheWord

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