Pope Francis Twitter Feed

Every one of us has something that has hardened within our heart. The medicine to combat hardheartedness is memory: recalling the blessings of the Lord. This keeps our heart open and faithful. #HomilySantaMarta

We alone cannot satisfy ourselves. We need to unmask our self-sufficiency, overcome our closures, go back to being small within, be simple and enthusiastic, filled with fervor for God and love for others.

In #TodaysGospel, Jesus encourages us to move from a formal observance of the Law to a substantial observance, accepting the Law in our hearts. From the heart comes good and bad deeds.

Our prayer must not be limited only to our needs, to our necessities: a prayer is truly Christian if it has a universal dimension too.

Today it would do us good to think - as an act of gratitude to God - about those who accompany us on our journey through life: family members, friends, colleagues... The Lord wants us to be together as a people. Thank you, Lord, for never leaving us alone! #HomilySantaMarta

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