Donating to St Joseph Mossley

What is the full name of the bank account?
The Salford Diocesan Trust St Joseph Mossley
(see below for account name for online banking)

What details do I need to set up a direct transfer or standing order online?
Sort Code : 20-55-34
Account Number : 30992119
Account Name  : The Salford Diocesan Trust. (please do not omit the ‘The’)
If you are asked to specify, it is a ‘business account’.
(If you normally gift aid using our Gift Aid envelopes could you enter your envelope number in the reference section together with the name of the donor so we can identify it correctly)

Does this mean I am now donating directly to the Salford Diocese instead of the parish?
No definitely not, you will be paying directly into the parish funds as you have always done. The electronic banking system can only handle a certain number of characters when processing online payments hence the abbreviated account name of The Salford Diocesan Trust regarding setting up the online payments above. The sort code and account number ensure funds reach our parish account.

I do not do online banking, can I set up a standing order through my local branch?
Of course you can and to simplify the matter you can download a new standing order mandate to print, complete and give/post to your local bank branch by clicking here

I donate by cheque, who should I make it out to?
You can still make your cheque payable to St Joseph Mossley and it will be banked along with the weekly collection monies in the normal way

If there is anything else you are worried about concerning the banking details by all means get in touch with Brian via our contact form or via message/comment on our facebook page.