Chemin de Bernadette – Bartres

Once you reach the main road just follow the sign  towards le Village

After another 5-10 minutes you should see the welcoming site of the Church in the centre of Bartres

Bernadette’s House is situated in a courtyard at the bottom of the street,
just follow the signs

If like us you were planning on having a picnic then there isn’t really any dedicated places on route, we were lucky as it was dry. All is not lost however because opposite the church is a delightful cafe/bar that welcomes people with their packed lunches. – can’t say fairer than that can you?

After being suitably refreshed its time to leave Bartres and return.






Just follow the signs for Hosanna House until you reach the cross


Then retrace your path back to the grotto…….


A lovely walk, it actually took us around 3 hours there and back but we were taking it easy and did stop and have a picnic lunch on route.