Catholic TV

If the above does not play after clicking the above centred triangle please visit the website directly by clicking on

Want to plan your viewing?

To see what’s on when click here to see the current week’s schedules on the Global Catholic Network. ( close the tab that opens to return here)

Basic (very) Instructions on viewing videos

  1. To commence watching click on or tap (depending on whether you are using a mouse or have a touchscreen ie smartphone ipad etc) on the triangle image either in the centre of the video screen or in the bottom left corner of it.
  2. To stop it tap or click anywhere in the video screen and/or on the image in the bottom left hand corner of the video screen (if that image is a triangle then your video playback should already be stopped or paused).
  3. To fill your entire screen with the video click on or tap the the small image of “4 corners of a square” in the bottom right of the video screen.
  4. To return the video screen back to normal size tap or click the screen and the same button in the bottom right corner
  5. If there is no sound and the video is running check that the speaker image (next to the triangle in the bottom left corner) does not have a diagonal line through it, if it does click or tap on the button and it should solve the problem

By all means experiment, don’t worry, you can’t break anything