ST JOSEPH MOSSLEY PEW SLIP 14 NOVEMBER 2021 [email protected]

OFFERTORY COLLECTION – £526.80 Many thanks

CAFOD BOX – £76.70 Many thanks

BAPTISM – we welcome Isabella Grace Fisher into the family at St Joseph’s.

ANNIVERSARIES – Rita Logan, Joseph Liles, Eileen Liles, Stephen McDermott, Allan Duckworth


MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 10am; Wednesday & Friday – 11am; Saturday Vigil at 12.15pm,Sunday at 10.15am.

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon-St Albert, Tues-St Gertrude, Wed-St Hugh of Lincoln, St Hilda.


CONFESSIONS – Saturday at 12 noon and on request.

FOOD BANK – a big thank you for the food and baby items left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday and ever so gratefully received.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION – The parents and children meet today at 9.30am for the first session and the Rite of Presentation.

TINY STEP FORWARD – thought that from now onwards, we would stand for the Our Father and at the Sign of Peace bow to each other. The Lord’s Prayer said during Mass is so special and precious, and acknowledging one another reminds us that we pray as a family rather than as individuals.

CHRISTMAS CARDS – are available at the back of church.

THAT TIME OF THE YEAR – dark early, gloomy days, holidays (if any) a distant memory, bills to pay, shortage of crisps (!), Christmas now on the radar.

Trying to live in the present moment isn’t easy; it is the way to sanity and less stress.

JOHN EATON – It’s not so common to see people knitting ast it used to be. Once upon a time there were many formidable knitters. They filled every moment possible with snip and click of their knitting needles. They ventured on intricate designs amd shapes, inspired by all the women’s magazines. There were also a few men who were good at the art. One became a celebrity on television and a leader of fashion, famed for his use of colour. Another was a bishop, who knitted his way through many a long meeting of a church synod.

Well to knit is to weave together, to unite. The word is used memorably in Psalm 86. In verse 11 ‘Teach me thy way, O Lord, and I will walk in thy truth; O knit my heart unto thee, that I may fear thy name.’ – that is beautiful, but a plainer translation gives ‘Unify my heart to fear your name……..’

Bless us this day with vision.
Bless us this day with faith
Bless us this day with hope
May this place be a sacred place, a telling place,
Where earth and heaven meet. Amen.

BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE –is in the sacnctuary for us to write the names of our deceased, who will be prayed for at daily Mass

OH DEAR – I’m the unluckiest person in the world,’ moaned Betty McGrath. ‘I bought a non-stick pan and can’t get the label off.’

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