ST JOSEPH’S MOSSLEY PEW SLIP 13TH JUNE 2021 [email protected]

OFFERTORY COLLECTION – £729.70 Many thanks

CAFOD BOX – £40.00 Many thanks

LATELY DEAD – Elizabeth Parnell, Jill Smith, Marie Therese Porisse.

ANNIVERSARIES – Mary Hunt, Fortunata Roselina Mascarenhas

REQUIEM MASS- for Tony King is on Wednesday 23rd June at 9.45am

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, at 10am; Wednesday and Friday at 11am; Saturday Vigil at 12.15pm and Sunday at 10.15am

FEASTS THIS WEEK –Mon-Dedication of Cathedral, Wed-St Richard


CONFESSIONS – Saturday at 12 noon and on request.

FOOD BANK – a big thank you for the food and baby items left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday and so gratefully received.

LOVELY LONG EVENINGS – are an absolute joy, especially when the sun is shining – and the weather this weekend is set to be tropical. The gutters round the church have been receiving tender loving care this past week; they were in a sorry state. Amazing what a lick of paint can do.

SERVICE OF SORROW – Friday at 2pm for the children who are making their First Holy Communion.

WE DO LIKE TO BE THOUGHT COURAGEOUS – There is an African story of a tortoise about to meet a leopard in battle. Beforehand he went to the battleground and made marks all over the place, suggestive of a hard struggle. When he was asked what he was doing he replied: ‘ Because even after I am dead, I would want people passing this way to say, ‘A fellow and his match struggled here.’ Who cannot but love that tortoise!

LEARN – from yesterday, Hope for tomorrow, Live for today

ST TERESA OF CALCUTTA – Every act of love is a work of peace, no matter how small.

HUGH LAVERY – ‘God is aware that most of us see things through secular eyes. Our disease is dimness. The Spirit confers illumination and each one of us can be an artist. Painting or poetry may be beyond us. But the first art is the art of living. Jesus is the master-artist and his life is a masterpiece. What we call the fruits of the Spirit are simply the virtues of Christ. It is the Spirit eloquent in that precious trio of glorious things, truth, goodness, beauty. Where this holy trinity is absent, the world is a waste-land and people brutalised. But where we see the Spirit active in a man or woman, in a community or consortium, we feel attracted. It is the Spirit that makes Christ attractive. Attraction is the irresistible force and people cannot counter its magnetism. People followed Christ into the desert. They could not do otherwise.’

OH DEAR – The man in the next bed to Rafferty had a kidney removed. The next day, for lunch, they were served kidney soup. ‘My God,’ said he, ‘they waste nothing here.’ ‘ That’s my lot,’ said Paddy leaving the dentist’s, I’ve just had all my teeth out – never again!’

ST AUGUSTINE – said ‘you say times are hard and troubled, but I say ‘Live good lives and you will change the times by living good lives…’

MISSIO READ BOXES – another £374.42 received and sent.

HOPE – everyone has a decent week.

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