ST JOSEPH’S MOSSLEY PEW SLIP 30TH MAY 2021 [email protected]

OFFERTORY COLLECTION – £561.70 Many thanks

CAFOD – £50.00 Many thanks

ANNIVERSARIES – Margaret O’Driscoll, Benjamin Rowley, Emma Marie Buckley, Audrey Carey, Catherine Wright.

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 10am; Wednesday and Friday at 11am; Saturday Vigil at 12.15pm and Sunday at 10.15am.

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- Visitation of Our Lady, Tues-St Justine, Wed- Ss Marcellinus & Peter, Thurs-St Charles Lwanaga & com, Sat- St Boniface.


CONFESSIONS – Saturday at 12 noon and on request.

FOOD BANK – a big thank you for the food left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday, and as ever, so gratefully received.

THREE CHEERS – for the warmer weather; we might even see people with lobster red faces after falling asleep in the sunshine. Let’s hope everyone can enjoy the Bank Holyday Weekend. And into June we go. One writer mentions that in the hedges the creamy-coloured flowers of the elder (once thought to be the tree on which Judas hanged himself and to be a charm against warts and vermin) are ripe for picking. Fingers crossed for a glorious June.

OOPS – A workman was repairing the roof of the Liverpool Cathedral. Into the chapel below came the widow Cassidy bearing the world’s troubles on her shoulders. Kneeling down she poured out her heart at a great level of decibels. ‘Mother of God, help me!’ she cried. ‘Mother of God, help me!’ Unable to contain himself the roofer called down in a booming voice: ‘What do you want?’ ‘Don’t be so nosy!’ shouted the widow. ‘It’s your mother I’m talking to!’

RUTH BURROWS – ‘Feeling bad-tempered, frustrated, unhappy, we make others aware of it. We let off our irritation and our disgruntlement, spread gloom in the office, dampen the atmosphere of a parish meeting, a family gathering. It may not occur to us that this is unchristian behaviour, deeply uncharitable and, at bottom, a denial of Jesus. Identifying with these negative feelings is, here and now, a refusal to believe in his love. It is to ignore his passionate longing that we should love one another and so bear witness to the world that God is love. Rather, we are adding to the world’s unhappiness and despair….’

ANNE FRANK – What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.

NEVILLE CARDUS – 3rd August, 1926 – ‘At three o’clock, there was no place on earth where I would rather have been than at Old Trafford. Sunshine scorched the field and the pavilion stood venerable in the summer light. White clouds scampered in the sky; and the Lancashire colours, with Red Rose, fluttered in the breeze. A sound fit to split the heavens roared out when Lancashire’s score touched 500, our highest ever against Yorkshire. A golden day, a noble crowd, and the greenest grass in all England. No son of Lancashire could have wished for more.’ How lovely.

E TOLLE – ‘Look at a tree, a flower. a plant. Let your awareness rest upon it. How still they are, how deeply rooted in Being. Allow nature to teach you stillness.’

KAHLIL GIBRAN – ‘Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.’


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