ST JOSEPH’S MOSSLEY PEW SLIP 23RD MAY 2021 [email protected]

OFFERTORY COLLECTION – £624.40 Many thanks

CAFOD BOX – £51.20 Many thanks

DONATION – £500.00 Many thanks

LATELY DEAD – Eunice Done

ANNIVERSARIES – Harry Lee, Elizabeth Kelly

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 10am; Wednesday and Friday – 11am; Saturday Vigil at 12.15pm and Sunday at 10.15am

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Tues- St Bede, Wed-St Philip Neri, Thurs-Christ, Eternal High Priest


CONFESSIONS – Saturday at 12 noon and on request.

FOOD BANK – many thanks for the food left in the porch -so well appreciated

ACCOMMODATING MORE – from this weekend, numbers in church can rise up to 50 per cent of the building’s capacity – re a directive from the Catholic bishops’ conference. Factors such as vaccine takeup, ventilation, sanitising – our church as been sanitised every day for the past eight months – and a low infection rate in the area. A few more benches are now in use, but we are still asked to be seated and not stand or kneel.

MENTIONING AGAIN – that for people who have not been to Mass for 14 months or beyond, there is no need to to go confession before receiving Holy Communion. The apology at the beginning of Mass is not a formality but a genuine expression of sorrow for any wrongdoing we wish to acknowledge.

RISING DAMP – if the rain continues we will be planting rice and not sunflowers.When the sun does shine it is an epiphany of joy and glory.

OH DEAR – The very stout lady staggered up the three flight of extremely steep stairs and into the headmaster’s office. Puffing and panting she explained, ‘I’ve come to tell you why my son is not at school. He’s got diarrhoea. ‘Why didn’t you send a note?’ said the head. ‘If I could have spelt it, I would have,’ she replied.

HUGH LAVERY – The glory of creation is the person, man or woman, who is a real and rounded personality. Such people are rare, rare as rubies and as precious.Yet how they uplift our drooping spirits, how they convey the sheer goodness of being alive. We seek their company and their very presence is a cordial. Their words bring peace, their silence serenity. ‘Blessed are the peace-makers’ says Christ. Peace-lovers are two a penny, but peace-makers are the only aristocracy. We know them by their poise. Success does not make them heady and failure cannot ruffle that interior pool of quietude. They have surrendered the self that seeks to live in isolation from God and others….’

ST JOHN HENRY VINCENT NEWMAN – To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

MICHAEL MAYNE – ‘For there is only one persistent demand made upon us by the Spirit. It is that we are receptive. That we keep our eyes open, our minds unclosed. It is, in short, that we retain all our lives our sense of wonder.’

CONFIRMATION – for pupils attending High School, let us know if you wish to take part in the Confirmation Programme. Dates and venues later.

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