ST JOSEPH’S MOSSLEY PEW SLIP 11TH APRIL 2021 [email protected]

OFFERTORY COLLECTION – £763.20 Many thanks

CAFOD BOX – £111.75 Many thanks

ANNIVERSARIES – Nan Hayden, Mary Jennings

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, at 10am; Wednesday and Friday at 11am; Saturday Vigil at 12.15pm, Sunday at 10.15am


CONFESSIONS – Saturday at 12 noon and on request.

EASTER WATER – we are invited to take home some Easter Water to bless our homes.

FOOD BANK – Many thanks for the food left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday and ever so gratefully received.

APRIL WEATHER – has been teasing us this past week, raising our hopes of prolonged sunshine, only to dash them with biting winds and cloudy skies. Still, the ‘great escape’ begins on Monday, and we can have our locks trimmed and sit outside in freezing temperatures drinking chilled beer. Happy days ahead.

ST FRANCIS de SALES – Bloom where you are planted.

REALITY CHECK – Murphy has asked Casey for the hand of his daughter in wedlock. ‘And can you support a family?’ asked Casey. ‘I think so,’ replied Murphy. ‘Well. There’s six of us, you know,’ said the future father-in-law.

A DISCOVERY –Fyodor was a young wild man. His life revolved around eating, drinking, talking, music, theatre and the company of women. He dreamt of fame. He was caught up in a movement for political and social reform in Russia during the repressive reign of Tsar Nicholas 1. He was arrested, tried and condemned to be executed.

On a bitterly cold morning, the prisoners were taken out to be shot. The prison guards raised their muskets to their shoulders and took aim. At the last moment, a white flag was raised to announce that the Tsar had commuted their sentence to life imprisonment in Siberia.

On his arrival in Siberia on Christmas Eve 1849, at the age of twenty-eight, two women slipped him a New Testament. When the guards turned away momentarily, they suggested he should search the pages thoroughly. He did.

While in prison, Fyodor Dostoyevski, the great Russian novelist, read the New Testament from cover to cover and learnt much of it by heart. He wrote, ‘I believe that there is no one lovelier, deeper, more sympathetic and more perfect than Jesus. I say to myself with jealous love, not only is there no one else like him, but there never could be anyone like him.’

MANY – parishioners are now sporting two jabs – the future is looking rosy.

J O ‘D –‘ Courtesy is the unacknowledged heart of civility; it is a disposition towards others which is graceful, polite, kind and considerate. It is the opposite of courseness and self-presuming familiarity. Courtesy invites dignity. Dignity is one of the most beautiful qualities in presence. The true style of the soul is dignity. Where dignity prevails, there is an atmosphere of confidence, poise and sureness. A person of dignity is aligned with the beauty within; that is why dgnity is unassailable from without. Dignity does not intrude or force itself……’

ERICA JONG –The trouble is; if you do not risk anything, you risk more.

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