OFFERTORY COLLECTION – £655.85 Many thanks

CAFOD BOX – £101.10 Many thanks

LATELY DEAD – Frederick Coates

ANNIVERSARIES – Arthur Holmes, Mary & Gerard Shepherd, Jean & Joe Hartley. BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY – Adrian Moss.

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – Mon, Tues, Wed. at 10am. (Thurs. no Morning Mass)

CHRISTMAS EVE – First Mass of Christmas is at 12noon
Second Mass of Christmas is at 4pm

CHRISTMAS DAY – Third Mass of Christmas is at 10.30am

BOXING DAY – The Vigil Mass for Sunday will be at 12noon – (it is usually at 6pm – no Morning Mass)


NEW YEAR’S DAY – Mass will be at 12 noon.
Adoration will be at 11am

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon-St. Peter Canisius; Sat- St Stephen

FOOD BANK – many thanks for the food left in the porch – a bumper contribution this week – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday – well received.

WISHING EVERYONE A BLESSED, JOYFUL AND PEACEFUL CELEBRATION OF THE FEAST – and many thanks for everything given and shared over the past year – and thank you for being so lovely.

WILL IT SNOW? – apparently, for a white Christmas, only one snow flake has to fall and not even settle on the ground – has happened 38 times in the last 54 years. In the past 51 years we have widespread snow on the ground on Christmas Day just four times. There we have it.

EXPECT – there will be much dashing about this week. Just to mention, once again, that the Government has announced that we may come to church in ‘Christmas Bubbles’ of up to 3 households. It means that our capacity is allowed to increase. As usual the Christmas Day collection – which is voluntary – will be given to Cafod for the relief of the starving and the destitute

CHRISTMAS CARDS – still available in the porch

PRESENTS – ‘Have you decided what to buy your missus for Christmas?’ asked McPhee. ‘Sure, she decided it for me,’ answered Kelly. ‘She said she wanted something with diamonds in it. So I’ve bought her a pack of cards!’

YEAR OF ST JOSEPH –the Pope has dedicated the next 12 months as the Year of St Joseph.

H.L. Pleasure is an artful dodger. It evades contest. Joy overcomes it. Adversity is the strength to take away the strain when the going is rough and the gradient steep.

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