St Joseph’s Pewslip – 18 October 2020

ST JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – PEW SLIP – 18th October, [email protected]

OFFERTORY COLLECTION – £986.75 Many thanks

CAFOD BOX – £48.90 Many thanks

BAPTISM, – we welcome Effie Alice Dagostina into the family at St Joseph’s

REQUIEM MASS – forTess Toner is on Monday 26th October at 1pm

ANNIVERSARIES – Bridget Williams, Marion Holt.

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day – except Friday at 11am – Saturday Evening at 6pm and Sunday Morning at 10.15am


FEASTS THIS WEEK Mon-Ss John de Breboeuf and companions, Thurs- St John Paul 11, Sat-St Anthony Mary Claret.

FOOD BANK – many thanks for the food left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday and so gratefully received.

THE SCHOOL – closes on Friday for half term – and a reminder that the clocks go back next weekend.

BRACING – ourselves for more restrictions re social interaction and gatherings. Presently, for certain services in church, numbers are limited: weddings, funerals, baptisms. We seem to be in for the long haul. First Holy Communions will have to wait until next year. We daren’t think about Christmas! Best to keep smiling, if we can; and, if we are obliged to spend longer indoors, its a lovely opportunity to get the rosary beads out and to pray for the people of the parish.

ITEM FROM A RADIO BROADCAST – ‘There was a terrible accident in the Irish Sea today. A ship carrying a cargo of red paint collided with a ship carrying a cargo of blue paint. Both crews have been marooned.’

FRESH AIR – we have been advised to let a blast of coolish fresh air sweep through our homes every so often. One lady remarked that many homes are over heated and unhealthy, mentioning that an aristocratic lady who lived in a draughty mansion, told her house guest that if her bedroom was cold she would put another dog on the bed!

Love -‘doesn’t mean doing extraordinary or heroic things. It means knowing how to do ordinary things with tenderness.’

RACHEL NAOMI REMEN ‘Blessing the life in someone usually requires a deep respect for their uniqueness, an openness to allowing them to uncover who they are rather than shaping them into who we want or need them to be.. We cannot strengthen someone and violate their integrity at the same time.’

You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.

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