Newsletter – 1st March 2020

ST JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 1st March, 202 [email protected]

200 CLUB – £25 B Hayes; £15 A Ratchford; £10 J Higgins

FUNERAL SERVICE – for Christine Rigg is on Thursday at 12.15pm

LATELY DEAD – Mary Rita Walker

ANNIVERSARIES – Ellen Holmes, Alan Tallents, Hugh Hayden, Estelle Dalton, Thomas O’Driscoll, Noel Joyce

BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARIES – Catherine Wright,, Joseph Hayden

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- St David; Wed- St Casimir; Fri- St John of God, St Colette; Sat- Ss Perpetua and Felicity.


CONFESSIONS – Saturday after 10am Mass and at 5.55pm

TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass- access through sacristy.

FOOD BANK – another big thank you for the food left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday and so gratefully receiverd.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – takes place today for parents and children involved in First Holy Communion preparation – 9.15 in church.

PARISH LUNCH – takes place on Thursday 12th March – the list is in the porch and all are welcome.

MEDITATION DURING LENT – takes place on Mondays in the parish room – 7.15 till 8.15pm and all are welcome.

DEANERY STATION MASS – on Tuesday this week at Ss Aidan and Oswald, Royton at 7.30pm.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – money due in February – £60 including transport – really want to know if we have any spare tickets.

THE LION KING – list is in the porch. Forgot to ask people to put an ‘S’ after their name if they wish to have a seat in the stalls.

MOSSLEY CORRESPONDENT – a few copies in the porch.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS IN LENT – on Thursdays, alternating with the two versions – thought we would try 6.30pm instead of 7pm – will see how it goes.

CONFIRMATIONS – will take place in 2021. There will be a course of preparation beginning in September (deanery course) for chidren presently in year 7 in the High School. Do let us know if your child wishes to take part.

AND INTO MARCH – still soggy and squelchy and everwhere saturated; it is the time for pruning – if we can attend to our pots and garden. And Lent is the invitation to do some spiritual pruning – ‘To be a person is to know at your centre an inviolable and unique space: it is what gives us our own intergrity, a sense of our own reality.’

ST TERESA OF AVILA- ‘we are not forced to take wings to find God, but have only to seek solitude and look within ourselves.’

ST SERAPHIM OF SAROV –a nineteenth-century Russian mystic, once wrote’ All condemnation is of the devil. Never condemn each other. We condemn others because we shun knowing ourselves.’ And a familiar saying: ‘Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future’.

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