Newsletter – 16th February 2020

ST JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 16th February, 2020 [email protected]

200 CLUB – £25 K Glynn; £15 J Taylor; £10 V Carey

LATELY DEAD – Christine Rigg, Vera Moth.

ANNIVERSARIES – Martin O Donnell

REQUIEM MASS – for John O Grady is on Monday 24th February at 1.45pm

FUNERAL SERVICE – for Christine Rigg is on Thursday 5th March at 12.15.

MASS TIMES – this week at 10am each day

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- Seven Servite Founders, Fri- St Peter Damian; Sat- Chair of St Peter.


CONFESSIONS – Saturday after 10am Mass and at 5.55pm

REFRESHMENTS – in the parish room after Mass – access through sacristy.

FOOD BANK – yet again a heartfelt thank you for all the food left in the porch and taken to the Food Bank on Thursday, and received with open arms.

PARISH LUNCH – has been moved back a week to accommodate a funeral – will now be on Thursday 12thMarch.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – during this month we are collecting the money for the Show – £60 including transport – apologies that the price is slightly dearer than usual ( the tickets are £58 each). At the end of the month we will know if we have any spare tickets.

THE LION KING – on from 22nd October till 28th March. Have left a list in the porch to see what the take-up is. Another blockbuster with fine reviews.

NOTHING DULL – about the weather, and the forecasters appear very excitable. Let’s hope we survive the storm – and our church roof in particular.

INTERESTING – during the seige in Paris in 1870 when food was very scarce, one restaurant resorted to inventive dishes using animals in the city’s zoo, including bear with red pepper sauce and roast donkey head – sounds tasty. And,

it is reported, that in 1930, holiday makers in Blackpool were invited to pay 3d to view Arthur Cox, who claimed he was male down his right side but female down his left. A police inspection was carried out and he was convicted of false pretences. What fun at the seaside.

HALF TERM – school closes for half-term and re-opens on Monday 24th

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – the next meeting is on Sunday 1st March

LITURGY FOR THE TINY ONES – takes place on the last Sunday of the month in the parish room just before Mass – all welcome.

ASH WEDNESDAY – is on Wednesday week.

ROBERT VAN DE WEYER – ‘Never mock what others say. Perhaps their words are full of nonsense. Perhaps they are trying to puff themselves up. Perhaps they like hearing the sound of their voices. Perhaps they are trying to deceive their hearers. Perhaps they are foolish and dim. Perhaps they are more clever than wise. Yet amidst the useless clay you may find jewels beyond price. The word of God is in every heart, and can speak through every voice.’

CALM me. O lord, as You stilled the storm. Still me, O Lord, keep me from harm.
Let all the tumult within me cease. Enfold me, Lord, in Your peace.

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