Newsletter 22nd December 2019

ST JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 22nd December, 2019 [email protected]

200 CLUB – £25 M Boswell; £15 J Cain; £10 J Higgins

MISSIO ‘RED BOXES’ – raised £884.43 this period – many thanks, Sue.

LATELY DEAD – David Wright, Josephine Highland, Edwin Steadman, Derek Lawton, Mary Coates, Sheila Duckworth.

REQUIEM MASS –for Sheila Duckworth is on Monday 20th January,at 12noon

ANNIVERSARIES – Arthur Holmes, Mary Cox

BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARIES – Bridget Williams, Adrian Moss.

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day.

FEASTS – Thurs-St Stephen; Fri- St John, apostle; Sat- The Holy Innocents.


CONFESSIONS – after 10am Mass and at 5.55pm.



TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass.

FOOD BANK – a huge thank you for all the food left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday – will bring a smile to needy families.

QIGONG – the next class will be on Thursday 9th January.

DIARIES AND CALENDARS – in the porch still – do take one.

PIETY STALL – gifts and cards for last minute purchases

NEW OFFERTORY ENVELOPES – will be available next Sunday – also some spare envelopes for people who would like a book of envelopes – just put your name on the sheet of paper and the number of the envelopes-

NEW YEAR’S DAY – Mass will be at 12 noon as usual with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at 11 till 12 to pray for peace in the world.

PRIMARY HEADTEACHER VACANCY – we have been asked to advertise this vacancy at St Peter’s, Stalybridge – closing date 20th January and details on the school website

MOSSLEY CORRESPONDENT – a few copies in the porch

WISHING – everyone a joyful and peaceful Christmas and deep gratitude for everything given and shared over the past year. And, thank you for being so lovely. This year Pope Francis wrote a letter (Admirabile signum) to encourage all Christians to preserve the beautiful family tradition of preparing the nativity scene (the crib) ‘Contemplating the nativity scene is a time for the heart’ Francis says, ‘ it allows us to feel and touch the poverty that God’s Son took upon himself, and to feel that God is with us and we are with him’.

THIS YEAR – thecrib will take centre stage in the sanctuary – the tree has hogged the limelight for the past few years. Thankfully, it will now begin to get light again in the evening. Hope all can chill out over the festive season

Hugh Lavery –what pleasure lacks is permanence. It is rather like the the soft surface of an unruffled sea; one brisk wind destroys it. But there is calm water below. That is where joy belongs. In the deep places.’

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