Newsletter – 22 September 2019

ST JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 22nd September,

200 CLUB – £25 K Glynn; £15 J Higgins; £10 M Pegler

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day.

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Tues- Our Lady of Walsingham; Wed- St Finnbarr; Thurs- SsCosmas & Damian; Fri- St Vincent dePaul.


CONFESSIONS – Saturday after 10am Mass and at 6.10pm

TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass – access through sacristy.

FOOD BANK – a big thank you for the food left in the porch – taken to the Mossley Food Bank on Thursday and so gratefully received.

PARISH LUNCH – our next parish lunch is on Wednesday 9th October – the list is in the porch and all are welcome.

REQUIEM MASS – for Bill Egerton is on Thursday 3rd October at 11am

QIGONG CLASS – is on Thursday at 7.15-8.15pm – newcomers are always welcome. It is a good tool for staying supple and healthy.

GYPSY – we have booked the tickets of our pre-Christmas theatre trip – the cost, including transport, is £45 and can be paid for in Novembeer. The date of our outing is Tuesday 10th December

SMALL CHANGE OF TIMES –when the clocks go back on the last weekend of October, we are tweaking the times of Saturday evening and Sunday morning Masses ever so slightly. Saturday evening Mass will be at 6.15pm – it will help, especially, to reduce car park congestion when the George Lawton Hall has evening functions; and, Sunday morning will be at 10.15am – parishioners can have an extra piece of toast and ten minutes extra under the duvet in the winter.

HEALING SERVICE – next Sunday we will have a Healing Service at 4pm.

SISTER MARY DAVID –‘We are not machines that react automatically! Nor if we are cross or upset can we claim that the misery is caused by a job we don’t like, an arrangement or anything else. It is our choice to be or not to be miserable or agitated or else ignore it all. We are not made or unmade by what happens on the outside but by our response to it. When we feel hurt, or angry, or cross, we still have a choice about how to act from that moment. Victor Frankl, a surviver of Auschwitz said – ‘the last of human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances’.

SPLENDIFEROUS – what a gorgeous end to the week; definitely salad and ice cream weather – though normal service to be resumed on Sunday! All is not lost, past Octobers have been warmish and very agreeable.

BY THE BY –There is a little table in the porch that anybody is welcome to take. A new radiator was installed in the parish room during the week and we paid our insurance for the property – £1,861.32 – covers the church and presbytery- the solid gold toilet in the presbytery pushed the cost up – wouldn’t want people to think we were flushed!

in a London store – Bargain basement upstairs.

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