Newsletter – 17th March 2019

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 17th March, 2019 –

200 CLUB – £25 C Metcalf; £15 J Edge; £10 M Buckley
BAPTISM – we welcome Matteo Thomas Re- Russell and Solomon Alphonso Re- Russell into the family at St Joseph’s..
LATELY DEAD – Tony Buckley
FUNERAL SERVICE – for Joseph Gildart is on Wednesday 20th March at 10.30am. at Dukinfield Crematorium.
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day – except Wednesday – 9.30am
FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon-St Cyril, Wed- St Cuthbert, Thurs- St Enda, Fri- St Nicholas Owen, Sat- St Turibus de Mongrovejo.
ST PATRICK’S FEAST DAY – today. Our PATRONAL FEAST – ST JOSEPH is on Tuesday. There is a bookmark/ prayer card for everyone today to mark the feast day – do feel free to take one to the house-bound, relatives and former parishioners
ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT – Friday at 9 till10am – for those not working, it is a lovely Lenten devotion.
CONFESSIONS – on Saturday after 10am Mass and at 6.10pm
TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass – access through sacristy.
FOOD BANK – once again a big thank you for all the food left in the porch – taken to the Food Bank on Thursday and so gratefully received – all single items welcome.
MEDITATION DURING LENT – on Mondays in the parish room at 7.15 till 8.15pm. All welcome.
DEANERY STATION MASS – this Tuesday is at St Joseph’s Shaw at 7.30pm
STATIONS OF THER CROSS – on Wednesday evening at 7pm
XIGONG CLASS – on Thursday at 7.15pm
SCHOOL GOVERNORS MEETING – takes place in the school on Thursday 28th at 6pm.
LES MISERABLES – an absolute triumph; a standing ovation and thunderous applause greeted the cast at the end of the performance. What a wonderful night. Let’s hope that the King and I is as good.
SPRING AWAITS – but unforgiving Lenten weather during the past week , though the horses managed to run at Cheltenham. Perhaps we need to see the wind, rain, snow and sleet, as a blessing and not as a curse..
GREEN BAGELS – are on sale in New York today; but, it’s good to remember St Patrick. He wrote ‘Before daybreak I used to be awakened to prayer in snow and frost and hail…and there was no sloth in me, as I now perveive, because the Spirit
was there in front of me.’
JOHN CULLEN – writes ‘St Patrick’s Day is a welcome break during Lent. Anyone with a thirst for qualities like fortitude, fidelity, innocence and authentic faith – virtues and qualities so patronisingly dismissed nowadays as quaint and obsolete – can discover a new enthusiasm from today’s feast. When such things disappear, something precious dies within us and we are diminished, demeaned and devalued, without a memory or a vocabulary for God.’

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