Newsletter – 12 August 2018

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 12th August, 2018 –

200 CLUB – 25 D Buchanan; 15 L Gee; 10 L Lakner
BAPTISM – we welcome Ethan Michael Thomas Ward into the family at St Joseph
LATELY DEAD – Kenneth Gee, Fr Reg Riley (Marist), Peggy Roper, Paddy Murray.
ANNIVERSARIES – Peter Diveney, James Colgan (Birthday Anniversary)
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day.
FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon-Ss Pontian & Hyppolytus; Tues- St Maximillian Kolbe; Wed- The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Thurs- St Stephen of Hungary; Fri- Our Lady of Knock; Sat- St Helen.
CONFESSIONS – Saturday after 10am Mass and at 6.10pm
TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass – access through sacristy.
FOOD BANK- many thanks for the food items left in the porch – taken to the Mossley Food Bank on Thursday – all single items welcome.
PARISH LUNCH – alas, Pope Francis wasn’t able to make it; never the less, a wonderful time was had by those present and all the victuals for the feast were happily consumed! Once again. our gratitude to our chefs, and indeed, to all who came.
MATILDA – we still haven’t received the tickets but the chap at the booking office assured me that they would arrive! We are due to see the Show on Monday 24th September and the total cost, including transport, is 60 – slightly dearer than usual with it being a premier production. Money can be paid any time – minus 25 deposit already paid.
COOLER DAYS AHEAD – on the whole, not a bad week. Parishioners are coming and going (holiday wise) some content with the old and the familiar, others keen to explore new and untrodden places.
OVERLY ANXIOUS – perhaps, about our loved ones having the ‘last rites’ or prayers for the dying recited when they are in extremis. When St John of the Cross lay dying in 1591 he saw the brethren fumbling for the prayers for the dying and said gently ‘Leave it, for the love of God, and be quiet.’ !
JOHN O’DONOHUE – ‘When we dwell in graciousness, we are never without the gifts we need. Graciousness dignifies human presence, and when it is present it brings out the best in people. It creates an atmosphere which awakens nobility of mind and heart. A gracious mind has compassion and sensitive understanding. It is without greed; rather than concentrating on what is absent or missing, it is able to celebrate and give thanks for what is present.’
NEW FILM – POPE FRANCIS: A MAN OF HIS WORLD – 96min – the only question that the movie asks, repeatedly, and with convincing passion, is, ‘Is this guy pretty amazing?’ And the answer appears to be: ‘Yes’.
PIETY STALL – new stock – not available on Amazon!
CHINESE PROVERB – whoever opts for revenge should dig two graves.

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