Newsletter – 6th May 2018

ST JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 6th May, 2018 –

200 CLUB – £25 J Taylor; £15 D Buckley; £10 L Buckley
BAPTISM – we welcome Arla Ruby Lowry into the family at St Joseph’s.
WEDDING – congratulations and best wishes to Jonathan Andrew Muttock and Catherine Anne Jenkinson who are to be married on Sunday at St Ia and Sacred Heart Church, St Ives, Cornwall.
ANNIVERSARIES – Wayne Jeffries and May Booth (Birthday Anniversaries)
LATELY DEAD – Joseph Hartley.
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day
FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- St John of Beverly; Tues-St Victor; Wed-St Pachomius; Sat-St Pancras.
CONFESSIONS – Saturdays after 10am Mass and at 6.10pm
TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass -access though sacristy.
PARISH LUNCH – our next parish lunch is on Wednesday 30th May.
FOOD BANK – many thanks for the food items left in church – taken on Thursday to the Mossley Food Bank – all single items welcome.
QUIZ NIGHT – by popular demand a Quiz Night is being arranged for an evening in June – watch this space.
10 K RUN FOR CAFOD – on 20th May Anne Ratchford is running again for Cafod – there are sponsor forms in the porch..
SUNDAY AFTERNOON OUTING – takes place on 10th June – cost £5. We will visit the shrine of Our Lady at Ladywell, Fernyhalgh, and then go on to Lytham for some bracing sea air and fish and chips. A list is in the porch.
DURING MAY – we are encouraged to dig out our rosary beads and join the rest of the church in saying the rosary- or part of it.
GREAT NEWS – it should be getting warmer, if not hotter this weekend – a day off the treadmill is not be sneezed at. Let’s hope that we can all unwind.
ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI – ‘Most High, glorious God, enlighten the shadows of my heart, and grant me a right faith, a certain hope and perfect charity, sense and understanding, Lord, so that I may accomplish your holy and true command. Amen
ST. VENERANDA – she was a great beauty who lived in a Sicilian grotto in 2nd century and smelled pleasantly of roses which irritated the Roman prefect Antonius. He insisted she renounce her faith but she declined, so he had her crowned with a red hot iron helmit, nailed to a cross, sqashed with a block of stone and put her in a pot of burning oil for a week. She emerged from these tortures unharmed, even more beautiful and fragrant, and got her own back by squirting boiling oil into Antonius’s eyes which blinded him. He converted to Christianity, freed her, and she went off and killed a dragon.’!! Not for the squeamish.
NEXT SUNDAY – Ascension Sunday
LISTS FOR THE PROCESSION – will be out soon.
MEISTER ECKHART – ‘nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness.’

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