Newsletter – 28th January 2018

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 28th January, 2018 –

200 CLUB – £25 F Mascarenhas; £15 J Brooks; £10 J Edge
LATELY DEAD – James Bernard Kelly, Paul Keaney
ANNIVERSARIES – Margaret Allman, Annie O’Driscoll, May Booth.
REQUIEM MASS – for Agnes O’Neil is on Wednesday at 10am
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am – except Thursday – 9.30am
FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon-St Gildas the Wise, Wed-St John Bosco, Thurs-St Brigid, Fri- Presentation of The Lord, Sat- St Blaise.
BLESSING OF THROATS – after 10am Mass on Saturday
CONFESSIONS – Saturdays after 10am Mass and at 6.10pm
TEA AND COFFEE – after Mass in the parish room – access through sacristy
PARISH LUNCH – will give the date for the next lunch next week.
ENVELOPES AND GIFT AID FORMS – just mentioning again, that gift aid forms do have to be signed in order to be activated. Vincent Carey will be in the porch to assist those who have recently stated a wish to gift aid – no other information is required except your address. We shall remove the envelopes this weekend, but if anyone wishes to have one, just take a packet and write your name and the number of the envelope on the sheet of paper.
MISS SAIGON – we have booked the tickets for Miss Saigon at the Palace Theatre for Tuesday 24th April. The cost of tickets and transport will be £55 – slightly dearer than usual – hope it will be ok – it is something of a spectacular.
Money can be paid in March.
AS THE CROW FLIES – Sunday 4th February, join Paul Nethercott and discover some of the best countryside in Tameside; ten miles of moorland, river valleys, towpaths and tracks. 10am till 4pm, Oakgates carpark, Hartley Street.
PERSPICACIOUS – St Paul’s Day (last Thursday) was used in medieval times for predicting the weather: ‘ If St Paul’s Day be faire and clear, it doth betide a happy year; but if by chance it then should rain, it will make dear all kinds of grain……And if blustery winds do blow aloft, then wars will trouble our realm full oft.’
HALF WAY THROUGH WINTER – and there is a stretch in the days. But what a sight greeted us and the end of the 10am Mass last Sunday! Snow, glorious snow, and falling quite thick and fast. Happily everyone got home safely. When the daffodils start appearing, we will breathe a sigh of relief. One lady asked recently if we buried ashes in the church grounds. It hasn’t been our tradition to do so. One telephone enquirer asked how much we charged for burials in our church graveyard!
ROWAN WILLIAMS – ‘Humanly speaking, holiness is always this: God’s endurance in the middle of our refusal of him, his capacity to meet every refusal with the gift of himself.’
DID YOU KNOW – Lady Thatcher’s nickname was TINA – there is no alternative – a bit chilling!

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