Newsletter – 29th October 2017

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 29th October, 2017 –

200 CLUB – £25 M Buckley; £15 K Adams; £10 A Brooks
BAPTISM – we welcome Malachy Harry Hipkan into the family at St Joseph’s
LATELY DEAD – Canon Kevin O’Connor (retired), Carmel Sullivan.
ANNIVERSARIES – Dorothy O’Neil (Birthday Anniversary)
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day – except Wednesday – 9.40 (have a Requiem Mass at Lees at 10.30)
ALL SAINTS – WEDNESDAY – Mass at 9.40am and 7pm
HOLY SOULS – THURSDAY – Mass at 10am
FEASTS THIS WEEK -Mon-St Alphonsus; Tues-St Wolfgang; Fri-St Martin de Porres, St Malachy, St Winifride; Sat- St Charles Borromeo.
CONFESSIONS – Saturdays after 10am Mass and at 6.10pm
CLOCKS BACK – this weekend.
TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass – access through sacristy.
OUR THEATRE OUTING – as always a great treat – though the theme was a trifle lugubrious and the atmosphere somewhat doleful. But the singing and acting were excellent.
GUYS AND DOLLS – will collect the money nearer to the date.
MATILDA – we go to see Matilda on 24th September next year. 76 people are going and early November we have to pay for the tickets – £4,235.00. Could we ask that people pay £25 deposit this month and the rest can be paid next year sometime.
HOPE IN THE FUTURE – the bishop wants each parish team to meet three times before Advent. For the members who signed up for St. Joseph’s team we will meet on Wednesday 15th, 22nd, 29th of November, at 7pm till 8pm in the parish room.
SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – for parents and children involved in First Holy Communion next year, the first meeting will take place at Church on Sunday 12th November at 9am
QUIZ NIGHT – the date for our next Quiz Night is on Thursday 30th November at 7.30pm in the parish room. There is a list in the porch to add our names if we wish to come. It has always been a really enjoyable evening.
MEDITATION – our final meditation takes place this Monday in the parish room at 7.15-8.15pm. All welcome – even if you haven’t been before!
CHILDREN’S PACKS – are available before Mass to help the little ones becoming too noisy and restless during Mass – they have been enthusiastically received.
THE JOSEPHIAN – we received a couple of articles this week; do keep them coming – there is so much talent in the parish waiting to be tapped.
HALF-TERM – fingers crossed for good weather. What a deluge of rain we had last Saturday evening; we are due for some fine weather.
BLESSING – like the joy of the sea coming home to the shore, may the relief of laughter rinse through your soul – J.O’D.

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