Newsletter – 28th May 2017

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 28th May, 2017 –

200 CLUB – £25 D Chambers; £15 D Buchanan; £10 M Connell
BAPTIMS – we welcome Mia Re Littlewood and Bella Re Littlewood into the family at St Joseph’s.
ANNIVERSARIES – Allen Hughes, Joan Heedy, Margaret O’Driscoll, Audrey
LATELY DEAD – Dorothy Naughton Carey.
REQUIEM MASS – for Joan Nelson is on Tuesday at 12.30pm and the Reception into church is on Monday at 7pm
REQUIEM MASS – for Ann Davidson is on Wednesday at 12.15pm
FUNERAL SERVICE – for Neville Taylor is on Thursday at 11am at Dukinfield Crematorium.
FUNERAL SERVICE – for Dorothy Naughton is on Tuesday 6th June at 12.30pm in church.
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day – except Tuesday & Wednesday.
FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- St Joan of Arc; Wed- Visitation of Our Lady; Sat- St Kevin and Ss Charles Lwanga and Companions.
CONFESSIONS – Saturdays after 10am Mass and at 6.10pm
TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass – access through sacristy.
THE BIGGEST OF THANK YOU’S – from M Lavin for your kindness and generosity in marking my 50th (in spite of my trying to keep it a secret and so making it hard work for you!) The envelope given to me contained an Amazon voucher for £700 and a voucher for Blacks for £400, plus gifts received from parishioners – including not a little holy water! So blessed, and thank you again for being so wonderful and lovely; and, perhaps, an additonal thank you to June and Teresa for the excellent refreshments on Monday evening.
MATILDA – the tickets for this spectacular show have been booked for Monday 24th September, 2018 – slightly dearer at £55. Will ask for £25 at the end of October because there are 77 going and the total comes to £4,235.-due early November. The rest of the money can be paid next year.
NOT WITH IT – this Sunday we have the leaflets for 21st May- mistakenly thought Ascension Day was last Sunday! – sure the good Lord doesn’t mind
OUR TRIPS TO THE LOWRY THEATRE – 7th and 14th June – ticket money due – The Play That Went Wrong – £29 and the musical La Cage aux Folles – £41
WHIT FRIDAY PROCESSION – lists in the porch.
10K RUN FOR CHARITY – Ann Ratchford is running for Cafod – list in porch.
SCHOOL HOLIDAYS – the children are off school for two weeks
MAGICAL INDEED – or simply divine – what a joy to be able to soak up the sunshine and leave doors and windows open; though we have all been in a sombre mood this week on account of Monday’s atrocity.
HALO POLISHING – on the 4 Mondays of June there will be Meditation – 7.15- 8.15pm in the parish room – just trying to keep up the precious tradition.

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