Newsletter – 1st January 2017

ST. JOSEPH, MOSSLEY – 1st January, 2017 –

200 CLUB (18th Dec) – £25 M Buckley; £15 E Holmes; £10 N Timperley.
NEW OFFERTORY ENVELOPES – are in the porch. If you would like an envelope and do not presently have one, take one of the spare ones and write your name and the number of the envelope on the sheet of paper. If you wish it to be gift-aided, write ‘GA’ after your name.
CALENDARS – the printer has sent some calendars, not as many as last year, so apologies if there are insufficient to go round – no charge.
LIVING FAITH BOOKLET – are available in the porch – 50p – great value
ANNIVERSARIES – Mary Grady, John Leathem, James Gilbey (killed in action in1945); Susan Caldwell and Genevieve Smith(Birthday Anniversaries)
MENTIONING – that Mass on New Year’s Day is at 11am
TEA AND COFFEE – will resume next Sunday.
CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm
RED MISSION BOXES – thank you to all. This quarter raised £570.91. One box had no name on it; do let Sue know if it is yours.
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day.
SCHOOL RETURNS – on Wednesday 4th January.
THE EPIPHANY – is celebrated next Sunday 8th January.
AND – the Sunday afterwards we will hear from the bishop about the proposed changes in the diocese and how our local churches will be affected.
FUNNY GIRL – we go to the Palace Theatre on Thursday 23rd February to see Funny Girl. Tickets can be paid for this month – £37.50 including transport.
A HAPPY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR TO ALL – thank you for everything given and shared over the past year, and for being so lovely.
FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- St Basil; Tues- The Most Holy Name of Jesus; Wed- St Elizabeth Ann Seton; Thurs- St John Neumann; Sat- St Raymond.
HOLIDAY SPIRIT – has pervaded the past week with lots of people enjoying an extended holiday; and, the weather has been kind – even quite glorious on a couple of days. We will remember Christmas day for being mild and sunny. On Christmas day 1801 Dorothy Wordsworth reports that it was a very bad day – the roads were slippery with melting snow. On New Year’s Day 1802 William and herself walked towards Martindale; the following day it snowed the whole day.
SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – next meeting is on Sunday 15th January.
AFTER AULD LANG SYNE – it’s time for resolutions! Melanie McDonagh suggests ‘Practise emptying the mind daily. It should be done before sleep. Reduce the number of worry words in your vocabulary. How often do you hear Donald Trump use phrases beginning ‘I’m afraid that…. Instead affirm: ‘I believe, I believe, I believe’ It works.’ There we have it!
MUHAMMAD -‘one can greatly beautify himself with two habits: good manners and lengthy silence.’

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