Newsletter 21st August 2016

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 21st August, 2016 –

200 CLUB – £25 J Edge; £15 J Meredith; £10 P Shackleton
WEDDING – we offer our congratulations and best wishes to John James Delaney and Laura Knight who are to be married on Friday.
BAPTISM – we welcome Max Ellis Winstanley into the family at St Joseph’s.
ANNIVERSARIES – Mike Flannery, Carmen Frezza, Patrick Hand (Birthday Anniversary)
LATELY DEAD – Fr Anthony Grimshaw (retired), Mike Roscoe.
MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day
FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon – Queenship of Our Lady; Tues- St Rose of Lima; Wed- St Bartholomew; Fri – Blessed Dominic (Passionist); Sat – St Monica.
CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm
TEA AND COFFEE – after Mass in the parish room – access through sacristy.
BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY – Mass will be celebrated at St Joseph’s Cemetery, Moston and St Mary’s Cemetery, Wardley, at 11am.
BRASSED OFF – OLDHAM COLISEUM – Wednesday 14th September – tickets can be paid for this month – £22.50 including transport.
THIS SUNDAY – a very strenuous ten mile walk across open moorland to Alphin Pike with Paul Nethercott – 10am Castle Clough car park – six and a half hours.
PLATT FIELDS – Saturday 3rd September at 3pm – rosary and humns.
GOING BATTY – a family friendly walk to search the night sky for bats – 7.45pm at Lymefield Broad Mills, Broadbottom – 2 hours.
FEELING THE HEAT – the residents of Mossley were thankful for their outdoor pools this past week as the blazing sun pushed up the temperatures – it felt like 30c but was only 24c! The children have just one more week off school; and, as we approach the end of August, the days are shortening – though there should be lots of warm weather to come
HUSH HARBOR MEETINGS – Sarah Rhodes, a former slave speaks of these clandestine gatherings ‘ We used to steal off to de woods and have church, like de Spirit moved us – sing and pray to our own liking and soul satisfaction – and sure we did have good meetings, honey- baptise in de river like God said. We had dem spirit-filled meetings at night on de bank of de river, and God met us there.’
INTERESTING – Terry Doyle ‘ change yourself and you change the world’; harnessing meditation and action and combatting injustice.
AND – British Social Attitudes survey indicated that the proportion of Britons who describe themselves as Christian actually rose last year from 42 per cent to 43 per cent – the rise in the number of Catholics was from 8 to 9 per cent.
LEAST FAVOURITE – what is your least favourite hymn?
SPIRITUALS – Nobody knows de trouble I’ve seen, Nobody knows but Jesus, Nobody knows de trouble I’ve had, Gloria hallelujah!
THE TABLET – are sending us some free copies to try.

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