Newsletter 13th October 2013

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY- 13th October, 2013 –

200 CLUB – £25 J Jinks; £15 J Makin; £10 M Connell

ANNIVERSARIES – Len Hall; Marion Holt.

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK -Saturday only at 10am. There will be a Eucharistic Service on TUESDAY and THURSDAY at 10am. ML will be in Rome – Monday till Friday.

FEAST DAYS THIS WEEK – Mon- St Callistus; Tues- St Teresa; Wed- St Margaret Mary; Thurs- St Ignatius of Antioch; Fri- St Luke.

OCTOBER DEVOTIONS – rosary and devotions at 7pm on Thursday

CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

FOOD PARCELS – many thanks for the food parcels left in the porch

PARISH LUNCH – the next parish lunch will be on Wednesday 6th November and will have a bonfire night theme!

TEA AND COFFEE – after Mass in the parish room – access through sacristy.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – there will be a meeting for the parents of children making their Confirmation and First Communion next year on Monday 21st October at 6.30pm at church.

THE JOSEPHIAN HAS ARRIVED -do take a copy. It is also available on line; and once again our gratitude to all who helped in its production.

THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE – met on Tuesday evening and the discussion centred mainly on the Christmas Fair. We could hire the George Lawton Hall for 4 hours on Saturday from 9 till 1pm at a cost of £160, but have decided against it.

Instead, we thought we would have a slimmed-down Christmas Fair IN HOUSE – in the sacristy, the porch and the parish room. This would take place on 7th and 8th December, after the Saturday evening Mass and after the Sunday morning Mass. Hopefully, there will be a home-bake stall, a bottle stall (always popular), a chocolate tombola, a lucky dip, a raffle, and wine and mince pies. So this year there will be no room for bric a brac, books, videos, Fr Christmas items. Over the next month or two, chocolates and bottles would be welcome, plus a couple of prizes for the raffle. It will be interesting to see how it goes!

LIVING FAITH – a few copies left of this excellent booklet

QUIZ NIGHT – this came up at the meeting and it was agreed to hold a Quiz Night in the new year with a hot pot supper and ‘bring your own drinks’ in the parish room. But no phoning a friend!

ST LUKE’S SUMMER – isn’t looking too good at this stage. One parishioner has confessed to switching on the electric blanket! However, the past couple of days have been bracing and St Luke may still have a surprise for us.

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