Newsletter 2nd June 2013

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 2nd June, 2013 –

200 CLUB – £25 K Hartley; £15 L Lakner; £10 P Jordan

DONATION – £160.00 Many thanks

LATELY DEAD – Irene McIvor, Neville Durham, Brian Healey (his sister Monica once taught at St Joseph’s School) May they rest in peace.

ANNIVERSARIES – Audrey Carey; Margaret O’Driscoll.

WEDDINGS – Our congratulations to Andrew Warriner and Paula Maria Henshaw who are to be married on Friday, and to Anthony Edward Leicester and Lucy Power who are to be married on Saturday.

REQUIEM MASS – for Irene McIvor is on Thursday at 10am

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- St Charles Lwanga; Wed-St Boniface; Thurs- St Norbert; Fri- Sacred Heart; Sat- Immaculate Heart of Mary


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm.

PARISH LUNCH – in our new parish room was a happy occasion and a great success. 43 parishioners tucked into a gastronomic feast of delicacies – not to mention the sticky toffee pudding, lemon drizzle cake, trifle, blancmange, et al, that tempted the hungry diners. We could do with knocking another wall down

to give us more space, but then the church might collapse! Our gratitude to the ladies who prepared the feast.

PARISH WALK -our next walk will take place on Sunday 16th June. We will meet outside the church at 1.45pm and go by car to Carbrook for a walk on the Moors – nothing too strenuous, around 5 miles. All welcome, including animals – cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, elephants – but no parrots!

PARISH MAGAZINE – hopefully it will appear at the end of the month – articles can be sent to: [email protected] Typed or handwritten articles can be left at the presbytery.

FOOD PARCELS – many thanks for the food parcels left in the presbytery porch, they have been passed on.

REFRESHMENTS AFTER MASS – tea and coffee are served in the Parish Room after 10am Mass. Do call in – access through the sacristy.

FISH AND CHIP BABIES – Fr Lindsey has sent us a poster appealing for blanket squares and hats for babies born with HIV virus in Africa – the babies are sent home from hospital wrapped in newspapers.

FLAMING JUNE – let’s hope the month will live up to its reputation! The month is also dedicated to the Sacred Heart. You might have noticed that St. Joseph, due to injury, wasn’t able to make it on the walk this year, but St Anthony gingerly stepped up to the plate and carried the day.


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