Newsletter – 19th May 2013

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 19th May, 2013 –

200 CLUB – £25 A Ratchford; £15 N Timperley; £10 D O’Neil


MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am – except Friday – 8am

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Wed- St Rita; Sat- St Bede

CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

MAY DEVOTIONS – Rosary and Benediction on Thursdays during the month of May at 7pm.

COFFEE AND TEA – after Sunday Mass is served in the Parish Room.

TEA AND COFFEE ROTA – hoping to have 4 teams of 2 helpers to look after refreshments on Sundays – list for volunteers is in the porch. Grace and blessings assured!

PARISH LUNCH – is on Thursday 30th May. All welcome. List in porch.

FOOD PARCELS – many thanks for the food parcels left in the presbytery porch, they have been passed on. All items of food welcome for poor families.

WICKED – ticket money for the theatre outing to Wicked in October can be paid for this month (but later if the bank manager is being difficult).

WHIT PROCESSION – on Friday. We are asked to assemble in the schoolyard at 9am. The order is as followers: The Cross, St Joseph’s Banner, Men, St Joseph’s Statue; Mossley Band, Our Lady’s Banner, Confirmation Children, Our Lady’s Statue, School Children, Women, Prams, Babies, Toddlers. Please God we will get a good turnout.

VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED – for St Joseph’s Banner, Our Lady’s Banner and Our Lady’s Statue. The lists are in the porch.

CONFIRMATION – we offer our congratulations to the children making their Confirmation today at 10am Mass. The children will be making their First Holy Communion on Sunday 23rd June at a special Mass at 11.30am

PARISH MAGAZINE – the parish magazine, the Josephian, will be coming out towards the end of June; articles are eagerly awaited and can be sent to [email protected] Handwritten copies can be left at the presbytery.

LUMINIFEROUS – indeed! Our luminous tower (9-12pm) has attracted the attention of the populace – may it continue to shine!

HIT AND MISS – the jury is still out on the arrival of Spring, and parishioners are probably still reaching for the central heating button. The farmers and gardeners are smiling, and no doubt the water companies. We will have to pray for a dry day on Friday. The long-range forecast suggest that overcoats will be needed, and, there may be just a shower. Our new hymn books have arrived and should be in use next Sunday. It’s really lovely to have the long light evenings and when the sun does finally arrive, we will be radiant with joy.

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