Newsletter – 31st March 2013

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 31st March, 2013 –

200 CLUB – £25 D Zidan; £15 J Brooks; £10 D O’Neil

ANNIVERSARIES – Kathleen Broe; Felix Barber; John Patrick Hurley; Joseph Vincent Smith; (100th Birthday Anniversary), Dorothy O’Neil (Wedding Anniversary)

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

CLOCKS FORWARD – this weekend. EASTER SUNDAY -Mass at 10am

FOOD PARCELS – many thanks for the food parcels that have been left in the presbytery porch; they have been given to those distributing them.

PARISH MAGAZINE – THE JOSEPHIAN – has been flying off the shelves. Do let us know if you haven’t managed to get one. Once again, our thanks to Jenny and Sean for their labours and for producing a really excellent magazine.

Articles welcome for the June edition – [email protected]

PARISH ROOM – the transformation has begun! Hopefully, towards the end of April, the make-over will be complete. It should accommodate sixty people.

Book now for the cabaret season!

OFF THE TREADMILL – hope that parishioners can enjoy a little leisure this Easter weekend. EASTER WATER – do take some to bless your home.

LIVING FAITH BOOKLETS – are available in the porch

A HAPPY AND JOYFUL EASTER TO ALL – and many thanks for everything given and shared.

URBI ET ORBI – the Holy Father gives his message and blessing to the city and to the world tomorrow morning – televised.

FAREWELL TO LENT – we have had a week of penitential weather, ferocious, merciless winds, freezing temperatures, snow showers and occasional glimpses of the sun. For some it has been exhilerating, for most, I suspect, exasperating.The forecasters are cautious; but things are sure to improve – April could be a scorcher! Last week’s Fair wasn’t much fun in spite of the flashing lights and the loud music. Whatever, we shall sing ‘Thine be the glory’ with gusto and enjoy our Easter egg.

GOOD FRIDAY 1802 – Dorothy Wordsworth writing her diary says ‘ When we came to the foot of Brothers water, there was the gentle flowing of the stream, the glittering lively lake, green fields without a living creature to be seen on them, behind us, a flat pasture with 42 cattle feeding. People were at work ploughing, harrowing and sowing – Lasses spreading dung- the snow in patches at the top of the highest hills, yellow palms, purple and green twigs on the Birches, ashes with their glittering spikes quite bare….’ All so quiet!!!

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