Newsletter – 21 October 2012

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 20/21 October, 2012 –

200 CLUB – £25 J Edge; £15 L Brayshaw; £10 J Brooks

SUNDAY COFFEE – £200.00 – Many thanks to drinkers and servers.

NEXT SUNDAY – NEXT SUNDAY – NEXT SUNDAY- the 9.30am Mass will move to 10am. The clocks, also, go back next Sunday.

DONATION – in memory of Margaret Buckley – £200.00

BAPTISMS – we welcome Amie Louise Anne Hall and Louis James O’Donnell into the Family at St Joseph’s.

MASSES THIS WEEK – 10am each day – but on Thursday at 12 noon..

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Wed- St Anthonty Mary Claret; Fri- St Chad.


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

MEDITATION – Monday at 7.30-8.30pm in the presbytery. All welcome.

PARISH LUNCH – takes place this Thursday after 12 noon Mass. All welcome – the list is in the porch.

LION KING THEATRE OUTING – money can be paid any time now, just tick your name off the list in the sacristy and leave the money/cheque in the bowl. Cost-£44 including transport.

CHRISTMAS FAIR (17th November) – items can be left in the Chuch Porch and in the Presbytery Porch.

BRITISH RAIL CATERING – Little Miss Muffet sat in a buffet, cramming a bun in her maw. But, alas and alack, there came a loud crack, Miss Muffet had fractured her jaw. Please do not be put off the parish lunch – (H B Morton)

HILAIRE BELLOC – there is the story told of him standing in French fashion at Mass in Westminster Cathedral and being told by a whispering sacristan, ‘Excuse me, sir’, we kneel here.’ ‘Go to hell’, said Belloc. ‘I’m sorry, sir said the sacristan, ‘I didn’t know you were a Catholic.’

A MIXED BAG – we have had fifty seven varieties of weather this past week and seem now to be enjoyinig a sort of St. Luke’s summer – all very welcome. Already the tour operators are tempting us with offers of exotic holidays – a week in Morcambe for £50 – including full board! Book now to avoid the crush. It seems that some parts of the country are experiencing an invasion of geese, attracted by the tastey morsels found in UK; they haven’t heard about the rich pickings to be found in Mossley. The painting of the inside of the church is almost finished, apart from the roof, of course. Our Meditation series will finish next week, and after a break, we will have four evenings of Lectio Divina- a reflective pondering of a passage in the gospels. This will be part of our contribution towards the Year of Faith.

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