Newsletter – 16th September 2012

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 15/16 Sept. 2012 –

200 CLUB – £25 P Rowley; £15 M Fitzpatrick; £10 P Armfield

ANNIVERSARIES – Genevieve Smith; Stephen Oliver (birthday anniversary)

MASSES THIS WEEK – each day at 10am

FEASTS THIS WEEK -Mon- St Robert Bellamine, Fri- St Matthew.


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

THEATRE OUTING TO SISTER ACT – October 2nd – please leave the money (£27) in the sacristy and cross your name off the list. We will collect the money for the Lion King next month.

PARISH LUNCH – our next parish lunch will be on Thursday 11th October after the 12 noon Mass. All welcome.

BY GUM – just mentioning that our parish contribution to the Retired Clergy Fund has gone up from £478 a year to £4,209 a year (£1,052 a quarter).

TRUE OR FALSE – no one on his death bed ever said ‘ I wish I had spent more time at the office.’

SEASON OF MISTS AND MELLOW FRUITFULNESS – autumn seems to be sneaking in by the back door; there is a steady drop in temperature and the darkness at night and in the morning is more apparent. It is a lovely season, so hopefully, we are in for a treat and an epiphany of colour. After the holidays normal service has been resumed; those who are retired can slip quietly away to the Caribbean or to Fleetwood! Next week we will leave a list of the Christmas Fair stalls in the porch that parishioners might volunteer to manage.

MEDITATION – will resume on Monday week for six weeks. It is another way of praying and quite lovely and relaxing. All welcome.

INTERESTING – by 1717 there were only 13 Catholics living in Manchester out of a population of 9,000. Many had left the Church because of the dangers and penalties of being a Catholic. At that time, there were 200 in Liverpool, 69 in Warrington and 594 in Wigan. It is easy to see that Catholics tended to live with other Catholics, with the protection of Catholic gentry in the Lancashire heartland with the service of the chaplain to the squire readily available.

TREES – the spiritual head of the Community of St John on Patmos said that there is an eleventh commandment: ‘Love the trees. Those who do not love the trees, do not love God.’

TRAHERNE – the whole business of religion is gratitude

DIRTY WORK – in the 18th century the young chimney sweeps were sold between the age of four and seven- either from the workhouse in batches or bartered by their parents for twenty or thirty shillings for their seven year apprenticeship. Many died of suffocation, while others grew deformed.


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