Newsletter – 12 August 2012

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 11/12 August, 2012 –

200 CLUB – £25 P Cooper; £15 J Warburton; £10 A Brooks

LATELY DEAD – Peter Diveney. May he rest in peace

ANNIVERSARIES – James Reilly (birthday anniversary)

MASSES THIS WEEK – 10am each day.

ASSUMPTION OF OUR LADY – (Holy Day) – Wednesday – Mass is at 10am and 7pm. If, for whatever reason, it is not easy to attend, we might spend a few moments expressing our devotion to Our Blessed Lady. It is important to remember that Holy Days used to be public holidays so the ‘obligation’ has to be put into perspective.


FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- Ss Pontian and Hippolytus; Tues- St Maxillian Kolbe; Thurs- St Stephen of Hungary.

HOSPICE RECORD TOTAL – Margaret Buckley would like to thank all who supported the fund-raising which amounted to £414.00.

CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

GLORIOUS THIRTEENTH ! – a day later this year because of Sunday, but good luck to those parishioners who are hoping to bag a few grouse.

WEATHER TAKES GOLD – well, it seems that summer has arrived in Mossley at last; at least, for the next few days! There is sure to be an exodus to the seaside this weekend, unless the lure of the Olympics proves to be too much. The evenings have been really quiet with most residents savouring the excitement of the Games. Parishioners returning from distant places speak of baking temperatures- Phoenix, Arizona, hit 47 on Wednesday, not that many will be heading there. One parishioner enjoyed a week in Southport and highly recommends it.

JEWISH RITUALS – at the end of a wedding ceremony the groom breaks a wine glass with his heel to show that love is as difficult to create as a beautifully fashioned glass, but one careless word or action can smash it.

YIDDISHER BREAKFAST – Beigels and kippers! Rabbi Lionel Blue mentions that in the Middle Ages Jews weren’t allowed to bake bread so they boiled their dough instead and the result is the beigel.

CHATEAU DREGS – ‘ After the recent political changes, a holy man from the East made his first visit to the West. ‘Have you any criticism of the West?’ the reporters asked deferentially. ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘Two- I don’t like know-alls!’

They were intrigued. ‘And the second criticism?’ they enquired. ‘I can’t stand smarties,’ he said. ‘I never know how you peel them.’

SISTER ACT OUTING – we will collect the money next month.

Beauty is the real aspect of things when seen aright and with the eyes of love. K Raine.

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