Newsletter – 8 April 2012

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY- 7/8 April, 2011 (

200 CLUB- £25 J Timperley; £15 Sue ‘D’; £10 C Cox.

MASSES THIS WEEK – 10am each day


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm


EASTER WATER – (in the container at the front of church) – it is part of our tradition to take some Easter Water and sprinkle it in our homes.

MONTH’S MIND -MEMORIAL MASS FOR FR POWER – the diocese has arranged for this to take place at Salford Cathedral on Tuesday 17th April at 12.15pm. We will offer the 10am Mass here on that day for Fr Power.

A JOYFUL AND BLESSED EASTER TO ALL – and once again, many thanks for everything given and shared.

THE ICE AGE – has returned with a vengeance; and just when we had stocked up with ice cream and salad stuff and,perhaps, ordered a new barbecue! The wind raged on Tuesday night and we drew our curtains on Wednesday morning to discover, to our horror, a covering of snow. Since then the temperature has dropped and even the birds have gone quiet. Hopefully, parishioners will make the best of the Bank Holiday Weekend, and manage to relax somehow or other. And they do say that it is always warmer in Blackpool!

GRASMERE 1801 – Dorothy Wordsworth writing in her diary on Holy Saturday says: ‘ A mild warm rain. We sat in the garden all morning. William dug a little. I transplanted a honeysuckle. The lake was still. We walked after tea by moonlight. We walked towards Rydale first, and then backwards and forwards below Mr Olliff’s. The village was very beautiful in the moonlight. Helm Crag was observed very distinct.’

MASSES RECEIVED – are on the prayer board.

CAFOD WALK- around Hollingworth Lake raised £1,200 (which the government will double) Over 120 adults and 80 youths and children took part.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC- it was lovely to hear a parishioner say on Tuesday evening that she had heard the sound of monks chanting way up in the hills.

Our sound system is clearing making an impact in Mossley!

EASTER BONNETS – how many have we seen today?

FR HUGH LAVERY -‘ George Orwell was oppressed by the debasement of language. He was aware that words can be made agents of untruth and lose their sanctity. Jargon is conterfeit coin, fool’s gold. It does not reveal truth but conceals ignorance. It is not shorthand but short change. The language of Jesus is of the earth, bread and wine, bird and blossom, of oil and water. It hassimplicity, the innocence of eyes that see the invisible in the visible.Such language has beauty and we need beauty as we need bread. Just to live.’

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