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Regarding child safety and protection.
In future no identifiable images of children connected with the Parish will be published on the site without the permission of a parent/guardian. It is also our intention that  children featured in any images will not be named in any descriptive text unless in exceptional circumstances and with the written authority of a parent/guardian.
Please bear the above in mind and obtain the necessary permission before forwarding any images for inclusion on the website. It is really sad to have a need for these restrictions  but we have to be very cautious when it comes to the well being of our children.

Latest addition to the site is the Image Archive page which will serve as an index page for photographic memories, both past and present. Presently there are links to images of the Whit Walks 2011 & 1906 (yes that’s right, 1906). With your input we can build up a library of memories, please email your me your images and/or suggestions.


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