Newsletter – 1st December 2013

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY- 1st December, 2013 –

APPEAL FOR SURVIVE-MIVA – £396.00 – they send their gratitude

THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION – Poppy Appeal – £79.90

200 CLUB – £25 J Edge; £15 D Shackleton; £10 M Tohill

LATELY DEAD – David Taylor; Fred Rowles; Canon Liam Houlihan.


MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day.

FUNERAL SERVICE – for David Taylor is on Monday at 3pm.

FUNERAL SERVICE – for Fred Rowles is on Thursday at 10.45am

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Tues- St Francis Xavier; Wed- St John Damascene;

Fri- St Nicholas; Sat- St Ambrose.


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.15pm.

ADVENT SERVICE – Wednesdays of Advent – 7.15-8pm – on the last Wednesday we will have our usual Penance Service.

CHRISTMAS FAIR – NEXT WEEKEND – after the Evening Mass and Morning Mass. Many thanks for the gifts and items handed in so far; anything else would be very welcome- including items for the home-baked stall.

ST DAMIAN’S CHRISTMAS PARTY – 10th December. List in the porch – they would like to know by Monday how many are going.

PARISH CHRISTMAS LUNCH – will take place after 12 noon Mass on Wednesday 11th December. All welcome. The list is in the porch.

TEA AND COFFEE – in the parish room after Mass – access through sacristy.

ADVENT BOOKLETS AND CALENDARS – are in the porch – do take one – there is no charge. WEST SIDE STORY 17th December.

FOOD PARCELS – many thanks – they have been handed out.

PARISH MAGAZINE – MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR – ‘the next edition of the Josephian will be the end of January; we would like some anecdotes about the Christmas and New Year’s Days you remember from the past, and also, the best presents you received and the biggest surprise you had on Christmas Day. Did you ever have a disaster cooking or have a power cut or were you snowed in? Please share it in the magazine. We are also looking for recipes, book reviews, interesting places to visit, funny stories, lost and found, give aways and adverts. The list is endless, so please, get involved.’

PIETY STALL – lots of cards and calendars and gifts available.

ADVENT – arrives without fanfare today – with an invitation to be still and quiet, and to ponder the beautiful coming of the Lord into our lives. We welcome him who comes to heal and bless us and to anoint us with his Spirit.

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