Newsletter 1st September 2013

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 1st September, 2013 –

200 CLUB – £25 J Meredith; £15 M Gross; £10 A Broe

BAPTISMS – we welcome Leo John Guarino and Lexi Mae O ‘Mara into the family at St Joseph’s.

ANNIVERSARIES – John Richard Walker.

FUNERAL SERVICE – for Peter Herbert will take place at the Crematorium at 12 noon on Monday.

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day.

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Tues- St Gregory; Wed- St Cuthbert.

HOME MADE JAM – empty jam jars and ‘windfalls’ – apples, pears, etc, would be welcome to enable the making and sale of jam after Mass on Sunday.

FOOD PARCELS – many thanks for the parcels – they have been passed on.

PARISH LUNCH – our next parish lunch will be on Wednesday 18th Sept.


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

TEA AND COFFEE – after Mass in the parish room – through the sacristy.

PARISH MAGAZINE – do send articles for the September edition to [email protected] A special page on recommendations – tradesmen, places to eat, the best fish and chips (!), things to give away.

SCHOOL RE-OPENS – on Tuesday.

THE FLEAS THAT TEASE IN THE HIGH PYRENEES – hope that parishioners who escaped to distant shores for their holidays were not troubled by the ‘fleas that tease in the High Pyrenees and the wine that tasted of the tar’.

The unanimous verdict is that we have been well blessed this summer and that some days have been heavenly. One parishioner has already been picking blackberries – their location remains a secret! Sun-tanned faces abound. Later in the month churches will be celebrating harvest festivals (though some are held in village pubs) and church fonts and window sills will be laden with apples, marrows and home-baked bread.

SEAMUS HEANEY – sadly, died on Friday. Just a few lines on being with his dying mother;
‘So while the parish priest at her bedside,
Went hammer and tongues at the prayers for the dying
And some were responding amd some crying
I remember her head bent towards my head,
Her breath in mine, our fluent dipping knives-
Never closer the whole rest of our lives.’

ROSH HASHANAH – the Jewish New Year is on 5/6 September. All Jewish holidays begin at sundown the day before the feast.


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