Newsletter – 5 August 2012

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 4/5 August, 2012 –

200 CLUB – £25 P Rowley; £15 J Taylor; £10 D Metcalf

ANNIVERSARIES – Albert Jeffries

MASSES THIS WEEK – 10am each day

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Mon- Transfiguration of the Lord; Wed- St Dominic; Thurs- St Teresa Benedicta; Fri-St. Lawrence; Sat- St Clare.


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

SUNSHINE AND SHOWERS – If the bees and butterflies are having a difficult summer then choosing when to hang out the washing takes a practised discerning eye and a huge amount of luck. Sometimes the clouds just threaten menacingly and head towards Huddersfield, but mostly they seem to enjoy giving the clothes a good soaking. A gentleman informed me that in 1867/8 Mossley had problems with its water supply and people had to draw their water from wells – one large one being situated by the railway station. In August 1800, Dorothy Wordsworth mentions the excessive heat! 8th August ‘We intended going to going to Keswick, but were prevented by the excessive heat. Nailed up scarlet beans in the morning – Drank tea at Mr Simpsons; and walked over the mountains by Wattenlath – very fine gooseberries at Mr S’s- a most enchanting walk- Wattenlath a heavenly scene. Reached Coleridge’s at 11o clock.’ However, parishioners returning from holiday are sporting tans – whether from the wind or the sun remains to be seen!

FREE COPIES – of a Catholic Newspaper are at the back of church. It comes out four times a year and is privately produced.

LOURDES PILGRIMAGE – the diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes is taking place at present; Paula from St Joseph’s has gone with them.

PLACES TO VISIT THIS SUMMER – staying with Lancashire for the time being. Whalley Abbey, the remains of a 14th century Cistercian Abbey is worth a visit. They have a decent cafe and also offer accommodation – not in the ruins! Close by there is a 13th century chapel known as Stydd which is near the Catholic church in Ribchester. And, close by, is Stonyhurst College- they offer guided tours during the summer.

LADY AT MISSING PERSONS DESK (NOT PC) ‘My husband has been missing for nearly a week. He’s about five feet five tall, bandy-legged, bald, cross-eyed, walls with a limp, has a large stomach, stutters badly. On second thoughts, don’t bother!’

INTERESTING – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks commenting on the communal aspect of Judaism says that the holiest prayers require a quorum of ten people.

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