Newsletter – 27 May 2012

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY – 26/27th May, 2012-

200 CLUB – £25 M Tohill; £15 L Gee; £10 D O’Neil

BAPTISM – We welcome Livio Noah Di Tondo into the family at St Joseph’s

MASS TIMES THIS WEEK – 10am each day, except Friday – 8am

FEASTS THIS WEEK – Thurs – Visitation of B.V.M; Fri- St Justin, Sat- St Marcellinus and Peter.

WHIT FRIDAY PROCESSION – please God it will be a happy and a dry day. We are asked to assemble in the school yard at 9am. We move off behind the Methodists – the Unitarians lead the procession this year. There is a list in the porch showing the order of our procession, and also a request for a few more volunteers to help out. Hopefully, we will put our best foot forward.

CONGRATULATIONS – to Dean and Joanne Aylett who have been elected Mayor and Mayoress of Mossley. There will be a Mayoral Service in the church in July.

DIAMOND JUBILEE BARBECUE – on Tuesday 5th June, at tea-time.

There is a list in the porch – let’s hope the weather holds out.

CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

THEATRE OUTING – with booking early we managed to get a good deal on the tickets for Sister Act.

THE LION KING – The award winning musical is coming to Manchester in December till March. It has been seen by 65 million people worldwide. A parishioner expressed interest so we have left a list in the porch to see how many are interested. Tickets would be around £30, and we would be going sometime in February, 2013.

FIRST OF THE SUMMER WINE – at last, at last, at last; blue skies, warm, even hot sunshine, gentle breezes and lots of smiling faces. I suspect that it is hotter in Mossley than it is in Rome; I did hear one person complaining about the heat! It’s lovely to be able to open a window without the risk of getting pneumonia; and even the birds are singing their approval. Thankfully, the weather stayed dry for last Sunday’s First Holy Communions, which was a happy and blessed occasion.

OUR GRATITUDE – to the Mossley Traditional Whit Friday Committee who will be giving all the churches a cheque on Tuesday, to help towards the Whit Friday expenses.

TIMOTHY RADCLIFFE OP – ‘ a Mexican Dominican bishop who preached with dramatic fervour but also at considerable length once noticed an old man fast asleep in the front bench. He said to his grandson: ‘Please wake up your grandfather.’ To which the boy replied, ‘You wake him up. You put him to sleep in the first place.’ No sleeping allowed in St Joseph’s!

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