Newsletter – 27 November 2011

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY- 27/27 November, ’11 – (

200 CLUB – £25 D Buchanan; £15 L Gee; £10 M Tohill

CAFOD BOX – £26.67 Many thanks

MASSES THIS WEEK – Monday to Saturday at 10am

FEASTS – Wed- St Andrew; Thurs- St Edmund Campion; Sat-St. Francis X.


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

MEDITATION – Wednesday at 7.30-8.30pm in the presbytery. Our final gathering this year; we will resume in February

ADVENT BOOKLETS AND CALENDARS – on the table in the porch, do take one, there is no charge.

ST DAMIAN’S SENIOR CITIZENS CHRISTMAS PARTY – Thursday 15th December, 1.30-3.40pm. Great food and fantastic entertainment. Do sign the list in the porch, adding a T if you require transport.

CHRISTMAS FAIR – immense gratitude for all the support and for everything given; we are hoping for a dry day.

SCHOOL HALL OFFICIALLY OPENED – the children gave a concert to a packed house as the new hall was officially opened and blessed on Friday.

ADVENT WREATH – a visual reminder that we are now in the season of Advent, the Coming of the Lord. Little moments of silence are treasured when, perhaps, we can say ‘ Come Lord Jesus, and dwell in my heart and fill my being with your love.’

NOVEMBER REMEMBRANCE – it has been good to remember our deceased during this month- I’m sure we are always in their thoughts and prayers

NEW TRANSLATION OF THE MASS – officially begins today. Fr King SJ writes ‘for precisely the reason that the Church opted for Greek in the first century, as it preached the Gospel in the great Hellenistic connurbations, and Latin in the second century, we should write the liturgy in a language that can easily be translated into other vernacular tongues.’ He does say that the new translation is not a success, but for the time being, we shall have to make the best of it.

AND INTO DECEMBER – not many blue noses about yet; this time last year we were throwing snowballs. In the Book of Hours there were two occupations for December: killing the pig and baking bread. The Bedford Hours of 1423 shows an alarmed pig kneeling by water, with a beared man about to crack its skull with a large mallet. The occupations in Mossley are, hopefully, of a more sedentary nature. Not all the trees have shed their summer coats and the odd flower smiles defiantly from gardens, pots and baskets.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – meeting next Sunday after 9.30am Mass.

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