Newsletter – 20 November 2011

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY. 19/20 November, ’11 (

600 CLUB – £25 J Smith; £15 M Higgins; £10 V Timperley.

CAFOD – £25.00 Many thanks

MASSES THIS WEEK – Monday to Saturday at 10am

FEASTS- Mon – Presentation of Mary; Tues- St Cecilia; Wed- St Columban.

ANNIVERSARIES – we will in future mention anniversaries. This week: Mary Holes; Margaret Logan; Agnes Edna Lees. Emma Marie Buckley.

NOVEMBER REMEMBRANCE BOOK – still time to add any names

MEDITATION -on Wednesdays at 7.30-8.30pm in the presbytery.

CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 10.30am and 6.10pm

CHRISTMAS FAIR – the big day is this coming Saturday starting at 11am at the George Lawton Hall. Many thanks for the articles that have been left in the porch and a final request for CHOCOLATE AND BAKING. Whatever the result, we are so grateful for everyones kindness and help; and finally, any parishioner with an empty car boot and fuel in the tank, might like to help transport things from church to the Hall.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – we are starting late, but our first meeting is after Mass today for parents and children.

CHRISTMAS CARDS AND CALENDARS – are on sale in the porch.

BETHLEHEM CRAFTS – were very pleased with the response last Sunday. Items to be collected are in the sacristy.

ADVENT – begins next Sunday. It really is a beautiful season and a time for reflection, prayer and gentle preparation for the coming feast of Christmas.

THANKSGIVING DAY – this Thursday. Forty-six million turkeys will be eaten across America this coming week, and, adds a commentator, ‘many of those turkeys will be dry, and most, truth be told, would be disappointing without a bolster of stuffing and cranberries and creamy gravy.’ I suspect most of us would agree – though we now have deep-fried turkey.

SPOILT- a lovely week for promenading; and a couple of days we had clear blue skies, warm sunshine and everything as sharp as a blade. Hard to believe that we are on the cusp of winter; hopefully, the heater by the statue of the Cure of Ars, will be replaced before Christmas. Had a number of calls from someone wanting the Church Inn; I was tempted to say that our guest beer presently is St Peter’s Tipple. By the by, the curator at Historic Royal Palaces, tells us that Heny viii probably drank ten pints of ale a day (the water being a bit dodgy). He also ate five thousand calories and twenty grams of salt each day – he certainly didn’t need a flu jab! A Tudor speciality was to join (sewing them together) the bottom of a pig with the head of a turkey – see December Parish Lunch!!!

GOSPEL OF ST MARK – Tuesday at 7.30pm, St Gabriel’s, Bury

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