Newsletter 13th November 2011

ST. JOSEPH’S, MOSSLEY- 12/13th November, ’11 (

200 CLUB – £25 H Moss; £15 M Gross; £10 C Broe

MASSES THIS WEEK -Tuesday – Saturday at 10am (Monday at 9.30am)

FEASTS -Tues- St Albert; Wed- St Gertrude; Thurs- St Hilda & St Hugh.


CONFESSIONS – Saturdays at 1030am and 6.10pm

TODAY -BETHLEHEM ART AND CRAFT SALE -members if the Christian Community in the Holy Land are visiting the church to display and sell art and craft work. Their very livelihood is threatened by the restrictions placed upon them and the Christian Community itself is facing extinction

CHRISTMAS FAIR – items for the Fair will be gratefully received and can be left in the porch. Volunteers are sought for baking. Anyone wishing to help could mention it or add their name to the stall list in the porch. The date for the Fair is 26th November.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAMME – the first meeting with parents and children takes place after the 9.30 Masss next Sunday in church.

MEDITATION – on Wednesday at 7.30-8.30pm in the presbytery. We will finish this session at the end of the month; if you would like to dip your toe in the water before then, do come along.

NOVEMBER REMEMBRANCE BOOK – is left on the sanctuary; do feel free to add any names you wish. They will be remembered each day during our November Masses.

PARISH LUNCH – was a great triumph and all present enjoyed a mouth watering banquet prepared by our in-house team . The meat and potato pie was cooked from a secret Mossley recipe which everyone declared superb; likewise the cheese and onion pie melted in the mouth. The deserts were divine and readily dispatched by the hungry diners. Already the Christmas menu is being discussed!

EVENTS AT ST. GABRIEL’S HIGH SCHOOL, BURY – Tuesday 22 November, at 7.30pm ‘Gospel of Mark’ with Fr Denis McBride. Monday 5th December, at 7.30pm ‘an evening with Fr Raniero Cantalemessa (preacher to the Papal Household).


SERENDIPITY – Thursday’s gathering enjoyed looking at old photographs of parish life; they were found in a sacristy cupboard. Some parishioners appear not to have aged! The weather has been a damp squib this past week, verging dare we say, on the sepulchral. Dorothy Wordsworth writing 11th Nov. 1801

‘ baked bread and giblet pie- mended stockings and now at 7pm we are all sitting by a nice fire.’ Next day, ‘ walked out while the goose was roasting.’

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